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All courier and delivery services are not created equal. A visit to PRO Messenger Courier Service proves that seeing is believing. As you pass through the main entry way to the PRO Messenger Courier Service office and enter the world of Dispatch Central, Order Entry, and Customer Support, you immediately realize that PRO Messenger Courier Service is no ordinary courier service.

PRO Messenger Courier Service Dispatch Central looks like something out of Star Trek or Star Wars. Dispatchers are working while standing with headphones in constant contact with their fleet of drivers. Our computers show at all times the origination and destination of your packages to be delivered. On the wall between computers is a map of the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex showing at all times the location of drivers as they pass off your packages and finish your deliveries.

Order entry is linked through a computer network. One phone call starts an incredible chain of events. The PRO Messenger Courier Service Customer Service representatives enter your order into their specialized computer systems as you speak. The computer automatically classifies and determines the exact location of the delivery.

(Their computer finds the exact Mapsco location of each delivery and assures the driver the maximum support in the picking up and delivery of your packages.)

PROOF-of-Delivery and customer follow-up are the true meaning of PROfessionalism. All you have to do is contact PRO Messenger Courier Service and we can tell you exactly when your package was delivered as well as who signed for it.

PRO Messenger Courier Service is your unsung hero of the American System. THAT’S RIGHT!!! If you were to look at a list of customers currently using our services, you would probably think that for the “Best Courier/Messenger service in the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex”, you would have to pay big bucks. WRONG!!! You can call right now and Save 25% on all your upcoming courier deliveries.

We have many Service Options for you to choose from. Don’t wait any longer – let PRO Messenger Courier Service put your packages in “PRO Motion” today! You can set up your New Account today and take advantage of this special offer.

For more information, you may dial us at +1 (972) 250-1588.

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    • United States

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  • Know Us | Expedited Courier and Delivery Services | Serving Dallas, Fort Worth Texas, Metroplex Area | Same Day Delivery Dallas, Fort Worth Texas, Metroplex Area

  • Family owned and operated, Let PRO Messenger put your envelopes and packages in PROMotion today. Courier delivery services in Dallas, Fort Worth Texas and the surrounding metroplex area.

PRO Messenger Courier Service

  • 2 1/2 hour + Delivery Time
  • Order between 7:30am & 3:00pm
  • Order Online or by phone
  • 1 hour + Delivery Time
  • Order between 7:30am & 3:00pm
  • Order Online or by phone
  • 1 1/2 hour + Delivery Time
  • Order between 3:00pm & 5:30pm
  • Order Online or by phone
  • Delivery by Noon next business day
  • Order by 3:00pm
  • Order Online or by phone
  • 4 hour + Delivery Time
  • Order by 1:00pm
  • Order Online or by phone
  • Upon Availability
  • Must be confirmed by phone
  • Order by phone ONLY
  • After normal hours
  • Order by phone ONLY
  • Saturday or Sunday deliveries
  • Order by phone ONLY
  • All days that are holidays
  • Order by phone ONLY
  • Return of 1st leg of delivery
  • Indicate at time of order
  • Order Online or by phone

NOTE 1 - Internet order processing is ONLY done Monday through Friday (not counting holidays) from 7:30am to 5:30pm.

NOTE 2 - We are not liable for more than $100 per delivery.

NOTE 3 - Please allow an additional 5 minutes per mile for all deliveries that exceed 15 miles in distance.

NOTE 4 - Fuel Surcharges are now in effect. The following table illustrates our fuel surcharge:

Dallas Average on-Highway Gasoline Price ($ / Gallon)
At Least: But Less Than: Surcharge:
$1.51 $1.75 3.00%
$1.76 $2.00 3.50%
$2.01 $2.25 4.00%
$2.26 $2.50 4.50%
$2.51 $2.75 5.00%
$2.76 $3.00 5.50%
$3.01 $3.25 6.00%
$3.26 $3.50 6.50%
$3.51 $3.75 7.00%
$3.76 $4.00 7.50%
$4.01 $4.25 8.00%
$4.26 $4.50 8.50%
$4.51 $4.75 9.00%
$4.76 $5.00 9.50%

Fuel surcharge percentages and thresholds are subject to change without prior notice. If the Dallas Average On-Highway Gasoline Price ($ / Gallon) rises above $5.00 or there are changes to the thresholds, the above table will be updated.