Excellent delivery service, they always deliver on time. But if only the couriers who pick up our stuff actually looked decent. I mean, I "get it" that it's hot in Texas, but is it too much to ask to look presentable when you are delivering documents to executive offices downtown? Some of these people look like they just rolled out of bed.

Response from the owner 8 months ago

Thank you for your typing "Excellent Delivery Service" and "always deliver on time". We work on that everyday. The look of the drivers varies one driver to the next. I am sure if you have had us deliver several deliveries all drivers look different. That is who we are as people. We have a varied group of drivers that caused us to look to find something that would bring their differences closer together. Our thoughts led to having them wear a common looking Polo shirt with the Pro Messenger Company Logo. Again, Thank You for your comments.

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