PRO Messenger Courier Service – Who We Are

PRO Messenger Courier Service was founded in 1986 by Jim Ellis and his buddy, the legendary four time Superbowl winning quarterback Pittsburgh Steeler, Terry Bradshaw.

Family owned and operated since that time, PRO Messenger Courier Service has served the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth and the surrounding metroplex with exceptional delivery service.

PRO Messenger Courier Service has always been a privately held corporation providing package delivery and related services to private entities across the metroplex and beyond.

Throughout our 30 + year history, PRO Messenger Courier Service has learned what it takes to be a flourishing delivery service, while maintaining our strong roots in upholding good customer relationships and on-time service.

PRO Messenger Courier Service offers you a wide range of services with an experienced team of courier staff and delivery drivers, exclusive delivery equipment, and different delivery service vehicles to best suit your needs which enables us to handle anything from small envelopes to large boxes.

If your business requires shipments to be completed immediately, within hours and not days, PRO Messenger Courier Service Same Day Delivery Services is the right choice for you.

With a high standard of trust, we assure our clients the best service to pick up or deliver to All Area Courts and Airports.

The goal of PRO Messenger Courier Service has always been to offer the fastest and easiest methods of transporting those important packages with care and confidence.

Give Us A Try. You’ll Be Glad You Did.